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Hey, thanks for visiting!
Just a quick note, this is all for Sims 1

I don't have Sims 2, nor do I plan to, so all content is for the first Sims game and its expansion packs.
Hope you still find something useful here.


Important....Please Read!!

I am NOT an object maker or a cloner & recolor artist.

Any objects for download are here WITH permission of the artist.
All rights reserved by the artists.
No permission is given to anyone to take these items and display on their page.
You ~may~ use them in your game however.
Please respect the copyrights of the object makers.

Something new has been added

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it will point
to something new...a new link or another pic or tip added to one of my pages.

The 'hood layout.

!NEW!.....Check Them Out.....!NEW!

I will be posting MY ten favorite houses for download.
These will be made by me or extensively remodeled versions I found.
No furniture, walls, floors, or any "special" goodies here, you add your own.
All are in play so no issues with portals should occur.

Interested? Then CLICK already.

Sims Surfer Links

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To see my original Burger Joints
Click Here

Homes BELOW 20.000 for download

Arson as a Career?

Another ~REAL~ Fantasy House

Build your OWN home

Build your OWN courtyard

Build Porch or Balcony

Build a Garage or Carport

Understanding Simmish

View Pics FROM Binary NG

Pay vs No Pay Sites

Sim Freaks "Clue Mansion" on Lot 3

Unleashed House/Lot

YOU remodel a House/Lot

Houses WITH Slice City started

Five Of My Earliest Homes

Move A House To A Different Lot

A dozen pictures I made
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Ever have your Sims game crash to desktop?
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updated: January 22, 2005

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